Effective Websites: Get The Right Web Marketing Foundation In Place Up Front So You Don’t Have To Back Track!

You would not believe the percentage of our clients who come to us after a botched web project.

We meet good people, like you, every day who have shelled out good money to create a website only to have it not perform the way they want it to perform, or who now have to redo, or backtrack because they got bad advice. It’s a tough situation. Yet, all too common. That’s why setting yourself up with a good foundation and  building toward your desired result is the way to go… That is the start of an effective website.

What constitutes an effective website? The answer is simple…

An effective website helps you achieve your desired result. That’s it. That’s all.

Is your current website giving you measureable results? Or… If you don’t yet have a website, what results do you expect to create with the website you want to build?

You have to remember that a website is just a tool… A means to an end… The real magic is in how you use this tool to generate your desired result. You website can act as a brochure, a shopping cart, a leveraged means of communication, a content management system, a lead generation tool, a pre-qualification tool, or even your own publishing platform.

Each way of using a website is different, and may require very different site structures, designs, or functionality to be effective!

For example, if you want to capture leads… your site better have a good offer, a data entry form that feeds an auto responder account, and messaging that encourages the user to opt in. On the other hand, if you want your site to act as a brochure your setup will be more quasi-informational wrapped up in a prettier package. Two different purposes and two different setups.

Remember this before you screw yourself by buying into some cheap-o “one size fits all” web solution. In most cases you will spend money and get no results… And, that is the definition of expensive!

What’s more… In some cases, the web may not be what you need at all! Some products and services are promoted best with other means… So you really have to be careful that your website plays a functional role in your overall marketing campaign.

We can help you decide what type of website is right for you…

You have to remember that gone are the days when you could just put up any old website and expect to get traffic to it by default.

The web has grown… And, with that growth came competition. So, now it’s more important than ever before to understand how you can position yourself online to maximize your desired result.

Right now we are offering a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to help you identify the key factors in determining which path to take with your web presence. Just contact us now to set a time to speak. You’ll get valuable answers to your questions

Here’s where you should start…

The 3 primary concerns in any form of marketing are:

  1. Message: your message will determine who you attract and who you repel!
  2. Market: this is the term used to describe your ideal prospect or client.
  3. Media: this is the “message delivery mechanism” that will get you in front of your prospect.

Do you have an idea of what the Message, Market, and Media are for you or your business? Depending on where you are in your business development process, you may or may not. Either way its OK…

If you want to get some clarity on these concepts and find out exactly how they relate to each other and more importantly to your success, contact us today to setup your FREE 30-minute phone consultation!