SEO Youtube Videos: Basic On Page SEO Factors For Youtube

by Jason on June 8, 2012

In the “SEO geekdom” its sometimes difficult to get straight talk on using SEO. White hat, black hat, grey hat techniques… Who really gives a shit about the color of your hat?

The simple facts are that the only way to know if a particular SEO technique works is by trial and error. Google does not tell anyone how their algorithm works, they just impose it on us. However, enough time has past and plenty of failures have lead to some success. One such success is using youtube videos to send traffic to your site.

Many times you can rank a youtube video in a small niche just by using the proper title tag… In more competitive niches that won’t happen, but you can still rank your videos using link strategies and the traffic that ends up there can result in traffic back to your website: which is the goal.

So check out the vid for basic on page SEO factors that you can use to either rank your youtube video page or gather live link traffic from your youtube video pages.

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