Web Content: Because Content Is King

Bill Gates wrote an important essay that was titled…

“Content Is King” if you Google around a bit you will easily find it. But more importantly, you should understand why he wrote it.

What draws a person to, or repels a person away from TV, Radio, Film, Music, Books, Papers, Magazines, and even the internet? If you answered “Content” then you are spot on. Content is king. Your content will attract or repel your prospect.

Now ask yourself, is your current content attractive to your prospect? In most cases the answer is no.

In order to get positive results, your website, marketing copy, or outgoing communication to your prospect (regardless of media type) must be attractive to that prospect. And, because the web has become increasingly competitive over the last decade, your content cannot be done haphazardly. It must be created with purpose.

Content is king, but what is content?

Today, content is anything you can create and use in your marketing program. Content can take the form of free reports, ebooks, video, audio, articles, images, or even entire experiences. And, using the web you can deliver any of these forms of content faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before in the history of the world!

That’s a big deal. Really.

The moment you put up a website you are instantly available to the world! You literally own your very own publishing platform when you go live with a content rich website.

And, the content you present to your prospects has only 2 functions:

  1. It is attractive to those you want to consume your information and message.
  2. It repels those who are not the right fit for your product, service, or idea.

That’s it… That’s all.

You can tell if your content is “prospect friendly”:

Your content will attract prospects if it helps them to solve their problems!

Seems obvious right? Well, go through your site right now and decide for yourself if your content is about helping your prospect or if its all about you or your company.

Do you offer a free report, or a free instructive video… How about a free advice section that answers the most common questions you receive? Is your content a “give” or a “take”… And, if you were in your prospect’s shoes, would you see the benefits in doing business with you based on what you are communicating online, or in any form of media you use to market for that matter?

Here’s an over simplified example to illustrate the point:

Say you have a simple site devoted to sharing family photos with your relatives and friends… If that is the purpose of your site, wouldn’t it make sense to have photos that your family and friends would be interested in? That is what your prospect (in this case your family and friends) wants to see, right.

What if your family visited this site and all you had there was photos of desert landscapes and motorcycles… Would they keep visiting your site? Well, if that particular family member was interested in those things maybe… But, if you wanted to attract all your family you would post photos of all the family members at various events over time. Why? Because people are more interested in themselves and their life than they are with yours.

Good content is a “give”.

You are satisfying a selfish desire your prospect has… Always remember, your prospect doesn’t care about you. They may not even know you. What they want to know is “Can you solve my problem?”. If you can, then they will be interested in you.

If you find yourself wanting clarity on these concepts, you can find out exactly how they relate to each other and more importantly to your success by contacting us today to setup your FREE 30-minute phone consultation!