Good Leads: The Difference Between Tire Kickers And Cash Spenders

Which would you rather have…

1000 people calling you testing the water, or 10 people calling you ready to buy your product or service?

If it’s me, I want the 10 buyers.

Why? Well, its simply the difference between being busy and making money. Most people are very busy in their businesses, but very few make money. Making money is not the result of being busy; it’s the result of being effective! So how effective are you when it comes to sifting and sorting visitors to your website or any other marketing tool for that matter? If your marketing process is sifting and sorting, it should be producing qualified leads regularly .

Tire kickers make you busy, but cash spenders make you money…

A qualified lead is one that has shown interest in your product or service by taking a step toward you. You will know if they take a step toward you because they have chosen to opt in for your newsletter, your free consumer awareness guide, or have called you after reading an informative article you have available online.

In other words, the qualified lead is seeking you!

They want more information on a specific “widget” and they want that information from you. This is good! This means they are looking for reasons to part with their cash based on the value you can offer them. And, your information and education is helping them to justify their purchase.

Everyone is a “cash spender” at heart. We like spending money when we believe the benefits of our purchase will out weight the money we part with in exchange…. What we don’t like is being sold a bill of lies.

What type of lead is your marketing or website attracting?

Are you educating your consumer on why your product or service offers the most benefit to them? If not, you might be committing one of the cardinal sins of good marketing; telling them all about you.

You see when a prospect is looking for a product or service, what they are really looking for is a solution to a problem they currently have. They don’t care about you. They care about solving their problem. So it’s not enough to talk about how great you or your company are… You must tell the prospect why using you or your product will provide a solution to their problem!

Good leads are drawn to clear benefits.

Case in point, you are reading this because you probably want to learn about lead generation. You gain a benefit by understanding the cardinal sin of marketing. You get something out of it.

Think of it this way: No one who ever bought a drill wanted a drill… They wanted a hole.

The benefit of buying the drill is the hole you can make. What is your clear benefit?

If you find yourself wanting clarity on these concepts, you can find out exactly how they relate to each other and more importantly to your success by contacting us today to setup your FREE 30-minute phone consultation!