The Power Of Words And Their Impact On Our Outcomes!

by Jason on April 9, 2011

Recently, I stumbled across a video that really reiterates the power of words.

As most of you know, to be successful in any venture and to truly have business partners, clients, or customers really buy into what it is you are creating, your messaging must speak to what THEY want. So what do they want? What do they want to avoid or attain?

The video below can be construed a couple different ways, but its power comes through. And, the net effect of everything we communicate from a personal or business standpoint is constantly either attracting or repelling the outcome we desire.

Give This One A Watch!


What do the people in the video who choose to give money want? Why do you think they decided to give money? Let me know with a comment below.

How about you... What do you think? Leave a comment below:

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