It’s As Cheap And Easy As It’s Ever Gonna Be!

by Jason on March 12, 2011

Building your website or your business or your information product is as easy and as inexpensive as its ever going to be. Why? Because markets grow and become more complex over time. Barriers to entry creep in. Expenses increase as competition grows. This is the nature of growing industries.

The web and Internet marketing is no different.

Whether you realize it or not, someone somewhere is registering a domain name right now and planning to build a website that could be in direct competition with yours! And why wouldn’t they?

Today you can register a domain name for 10 bucks a year, you can write ebooks, make blog posts, upload images, shoot video, and create complete sales and marketing funnels which use all these types of content with a $500 laptop computer from any coffee shop with WiFi in the world!

You have an opportunity here at the infancy of the web to create a brand or business or website that can last into perpetuity for just a few thousand bucks… Never before has this been possible for so little. And, as with all opportunities, the clock is ticking.

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